Hey Say Jump - JUMPing Car Album

Release Date: June 24, 2015
File Format: .mp3
Archive: .rar
Password: NYC
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1. Fantasist (Instrumental)
2. JUMPing Car
3. Walk
4. SHen SHera SHen
5. Weekender
6. Kira Kira Hikare
7. Ai yo, Boku o Michibiite Yuke
8. Fever
9. Boys Don't Stop
10. Dangerous
11. Chau#
12. Yowamushi Shooter
13. Asu e no YELL
14. Farewell
15. Very Very Happy
16. UNION (Daiki Arioka, Hikaru Yaotome, Kota Yabu)
17. Pet Shop Love Motion (Yuri Chinen, Yuto Nakajima, Kei Inoo)
18. Sangatsu Juuyokka ~ Tokei (Ryosuke Yamada, Keito Okamoto)

Enjoy downloading and listening!
Akame Harmony

KAT-TUN's songs from 2006 - Present

Hi guys! I finally uploaded the songs of Kat-tun from their debut, 2007 up to 2016. Honestly, as a Kat-tun fan, it saddens me uploading their songs from the past. Oh well, that's life. I just hope they'll return again as 3-nin. I'm sure if that happens, they'll return with a big BANG 'cause that's what Kat-tun is. :)

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Hey Say Jump's songs from 2007 - Present

Yo guys! I uploaded Hey Say Jump's songs from 2007 up to the present. The downloads are in .m4a & .mp3 format. Let me know if I uploaded the wrong file or if if the link is not working. Feel free to leave a thank you comment. I'll greatly appreciate it. Haha! :)

Tbh, I wasn't a fan of HSJ before because of Ya-ya-yah. I was disappointed when Taiyou didn't got the chance to debut. But as time goes by and since my sister, Day is a huge HSJ fan especially to Ryosuke Yamada, I started to like the group too. :)

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Arashi Songs from 1999 - Present

Hi guys! I uploaded the .mp3 songs of Arashi from 1999 up to present. Let me know if I uploaded the wrong file ('cause I uploaded plenty of their songs. hehe) or if if the link is not working. Feel free too to leave a thank you comment. I'll greatly appreciate it. Haha! :)

Kitto Daijoubu is the first song and PV I ever heard and saw. That's why, Arashi will forever reminds me of rainbow. Hehe. :) Thanks to this song, it cheers me up when I'm feeling down.

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NEWS Songs from 2003 - Present

Hi! :) It has been a while since I opened my lj account. Back then, I was a huge Akame fan. Now I find my username corny and funny but I don't know anymore how to change it. Its like I'm a beginner again here in lj. Hehe. Though I'm glad to have open my account. I thought I won't be able to access it.

Anyways, here are the links to download the mp3 songs of News from 2003 up to the present.

You know, listening and uploading to their songs makes me kind of sad because even though I love the 4-nin so much, I miss when they were still 6. I became their fan during their comeback when they performed Sayaendou and released Hoshi wo Mezashite though I got to know them when they were on their hiatus. Uchi was my ichiban then. Hehe. :)

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Johnny's Entertainment Calendar

I've decided to search for Johnny's Birthdays from the debuted one up to the juniors.. If you know a JE boy that was not been included in here, don't hesitate to tell me okay? I'd really appreciate it.  =)
Also if there are some corrections from the dates or whatsoever, please tell me.^^

Seriously, it took me looooottt of hours of searching for their birthdays though I really did enjoyed it. =)
At least now I know when are their birthdays.

Special thanks to hikaeru , sheila_p  and to miyakekenwings  for sharing some missing birthdays of the juniors. Thank you so much guys! ^^

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There are lots of great jdramas to look forward to this July. Hana Kimi, Ouran High School Host Club and Ikemen desu ne. ♥
I finally saw the photo of the new Hana Kimi cast. It's so similiar to the previous one.

Hana Kimi 2011 (New)

Hana Kimi 2007

Which do you guys prefer? The new or the previous one? For me, I'd go to the first Hana Kimi Japan. Maki, Shun and of course Toma are all perfect to their role that's why I was surprised when they said that they'll do a remake. I really wonder why... But then, I'll still try to watch the first episode of this show. Btw, I'm just excited for Shohei Miura. Hopefully he'll do justice for the role of Nakatsu! :)


My Firsts.. (A Written Meme)

Let's try to refresh our mind and look back at our Firsts experiences. :) This is a written meme so you'll be needing a piece of paper and a ballpen (or anything you can use for writing).

First,  Write you name (real name).
Second, Write down the answers in the paper of the following  questions below:
1. What was your first cartoons you've ever watched?
2. Which school did you first studied?
3. Who was your first best friend?
4.What is your first silliest/craziest thing you've ever done?
5. Who was your first favorite artist / boyband?
6. What is the first book you've ever read?
7. What was your first fairytale you've ever known?
8. Who was your first crush?
9. Who was your first kiss?
10. Who was the first guy/girl you ever cried on?
Third, OPTIONAL: Write your comment(s) / reaction(s) about this Meme
Forth, Write your username in the lower portion of the paper.

Sorry for my horrible handwritting. XD

I'll be tagging everyone on my f-lists. =)
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